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Desert Riding and Rappelling

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Join us for one of the most exciting tours in Israel. Two days packed with adrenaline and activities. During the tour you will ride on motorcycle in the desert, rappel down salt caves in the only salt mountains in the world all the way down to the lowest place on earth, watch the stars in the milky way at night, float in the Dead Sea and more. Don't miss this special tour !!

Single supplement :150 Euro

Private : up to two bikes 1,200 Euro

Two days of riding and rappelling in the Desert





About 750 km
Daily distance 350 km a day

Riding time – about 5-7 hours a day
Most of the tour runs on asphalt and some of it on easy trails.

What is included in the tour :

A licensed tour guide on motorcycle

Usage of our Yamaha Tenere XT660Z Motorcycle
Protective jackets

Scala Rider Packtalk communication system
Wi-Fi at the hostel
Comprehensive vehicle insurance for motorcycles
Third party liability insurance for motorcycles
Support van for luggage transportation

Stay in the Arad Hostel

BBQ dinner

Pancake breakfast

Light lunch

Rappelling gear

Rappelling guide

Rappelling the salt caves of Mt. Sodom

Unlimited mileage

What is not included :

All services not mentioned as included like gasoline and all items of a personal nature such as presents, drinks etc.

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Day 1

We will start the ride in Netanya where the bikes are stored. It is possible to transfer them
anywhere at an additional cost. Please ask.
The ride south is long and as we ride, we will see that the terrain will slowly change and
become a desert. On the way we will talk about what defines an area as a desert, who are the
inhabitant of the desert in Israel . We will also talk about the way ancient people lived here and
what liman are. No they are not connected to lemons…
Our way will take us through the Large Machtesh. Machtesh has a shape similar to a crater but
the way it was formed is completely different. We will talk about it as we ride through it.
The road will lead us to the famous Scorpion Pass which was used as a road by the Romans,
over 2,000 years ago. Going down the pass is really thrilling. As we get to the Syrian Africa rift -
the Arava, we will take a short ride through the Arava badland and talk about how the rift was
created and the agricultural developments in desert farming.
Before heading to the hostel in Arad, we will ride on a trail off the road to a stunning view point
on Mt. Sodom.
The tour is based on staying in the Arad Hostel in a shared room. For other options ask.

Day 2

In early morning we will ride down to the Dead Sea, leave the bikes there and drive back to the
top of Mt. Sodom. There, while having morning coffee and tea, we will talk about the formation
of the Dead Sea and current challenges and the largest salt mountain in the world located in the
lowest point on earth. We will also hear the biblical story of Sodom and Gomora.
Following that we will have a safety explanation about rappelling and after we give you the
gear, you will go visit the mystery world of the salt caves of Mt. Sodom.
As we reach the bottom of the cave, light lunch will be waiting and then after we are full, we
will go experience floating in the Dead Sea.
The ride home is a bit long but fulfilling after two days packed with action.

Highlights :

The Large Machtesh, the Scorpions Pass, the Arava Badlands, the Dead Sea, Mt. Sodom, the Salt caves



  1. Netanya
  2. Dimona
  3. The Big Machtesh
  4. The Scorpions Pass
  5. Arava Badlands
  6. Route 25
  7. The Phosphate facories
  8. Mt. Sodom View point
  9. Arad
  10. The Dead Sea
  11. Mt. Sodom Rappelling
  12. Out of the caves..