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The 4 Seas Challenge-Self guided

From EUR 1'795

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The 4 Seas Challenge - 6 days and 5 nights

Join the ultimate experience of visiting all 4 seas of Israel in an action packed tour !




About 1,100 km
Daily distance : About 200 km a day

Riding time – about 5-7 hours a day
Most of the tour runs on asphalt and some of it on easy trails.

Price : Rider €  (based on a minimum of 5 riders) Pillion €

What is included in the tour :


Usage of our Yamaha Tenere XT660Z Motorcycle
Protective jackets

Scala Rider Packtalk communication system
Wi-Fi at the hostel
Comprehensive vehicle insurance for motorcycles
Third party liability insurance for motorcycles
5 nights of accomodation

Stay in the Arad Hostel

One BBQ dinner

Pancake breakfasts

One light lunch

Rappelling gear

Rappelling guide

Rappelling the salt caves of Mt. Sodom

Unlimited mileage

Visit to Masada, Timna

What is not included :

All services not mentioned as included like gasoline and all items of a personal nature such as presents, drinks etc.


From EUR 1'795

+1 Additional options

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Day 1

On the first day we will ride south towards the city of Arad. Reaching Arad we will descent
toward Masada and climb the mountain. The visit in Masada will allow us a look into life in the
desert 2,000 years ago and we will try to reflect and think whether it applies to our life today.
We will stay in the Arad hostel.

Day 2

In the morning we will go to the Dead Sea and leave our bikes there. An hour’s hike will take us
up to the top of Mt. Sodom. There, while having morning coffee and tea, we will talk about the
formation of the Dead Sea and current challenges and the largest salt mountain in the world
located in the lowest point on earth. We will also hear the biblical story of Sodom and Gomora.
Following that we will Rappel through the salt caves all the way down to the Dead Sea. After
experiencing floating in the Dead Sea, we will make our way to a stunning place – the Amiaz
Viewpoint – in order to get there, we will do some trail riding. We will stay in the Arad hostel

Day 3

Today we will ride towards the Scorpions Pass and riding down the pass will lead us to the
Syrian African rift. Here we will make a short ride through the Arava Badlands. On our way to
Eilat we will go through the Qanats and the Timna park.

Day 4

Eilat is Israel’s southernmost city and here we can experience a dip in the Red Sea and maybe
do some snorkeling, too. Our road will take us through the Shlomo Canyon and then we will
start heading north towards Machtesh Ramon, a crater like structure. It is one of only 8 such
structures in the world and it is the largest one. Before reaching Mitspe Ramon – our stop for
the night, we will ride through Machtesh Ramon on some of its trails. We will stay in Mitspe

Day 5

Today is our last day and before hitting the coastal area, we will ride on the Besor River scenic
road. From there we will to Jaffa and visit the old city and some parts of Tel Aviv, right n the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Netanya is only a short ride from Tel Aviv.

Day 6

Today we will complete the challenge with views of the Sea of Galilee. We will ride down to the Syrian African rift again and notice how different it is from it southern part - the desert area we rode through at the beginning of the tour. We will go around the lake, through the city of Tiberias before heading back to Netanya and conclude our tour.



Masada, The Salt Caves of Mt. Sodom, Eilat, The Red Sea, The Scorpions Pass, Machtesh Ramon, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, The Mediterranean Sea,  The Sea of Galilee


  1. Netanya