About us - Bikelife - Motorcycle Tours in Israel
Duby Nevo

My name is Duby Nevo. I was in the motorcycle business in Japan for 17 years. I went to Japan in 1986 studied Japanese and established my own company. For a few years I was exporting used car parts to different countries. In 1992 we started dealing in motorcycles. Bikelife was the logo and brand name of the company since 1993. The business was mainly based on motorcycle exports to shops in different countries such as UK, USA, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Hungary, Malta, Cyprus, Georgia, Latvia, Venezuela, New Zealand, Australia and others.We bought motorcycles in auctions and shipped them to our customers who were mostly shop owners and the motorcycles were exported on wholesale base in containers. While doing that, the company also imported classic motorcycles from the UK, USA and other countries.

Most of the motorcycles we imported were made in Japan between 1960-1980.Apart from those, we also imported classic British motorcycles like BSA Triumph, AJS, James and others. The company ran motorcycle tours in Japan almost on a weekly basis. Most of the tours at that time were off road tours, mainly in a range of up to 200km from Tokyo. Sometimes we went for longer tours in Nagano prefecture and every time enjoyed the hot springs after the hard riding. We also toured Thailand several times. The tours were in northern Thailand. We went into the jungles, over bridges made from tree trunks, crossed rivers and visited remote villages. In 2008 I came back to Israel and two years later I became a licensed tour guide. Combining guiding and the love for motorcycles in Israel was always a dream and it was realized recently. We now offer tours in Israel and in other countries too.

Why hire me as a guide?

I believe that my experience of living abroad, specifically in Japan made me a very customer oriented person. The long experience of living abroad, dealing with people of many nationalities and cultures combined with my training, the love for Israel and the ability to communicate very well with people of all ages will make a difference in your tour.

During the years I catered for VIPs, various groups of local and abroad tourists, teenager groups etc. and I will that I was able to reach all of them. I hope I can meet you here in Israel and make your experience worthwhile.

Travelling in Israel for many years since childhood and becoming a licensed guide give a very good package of experience and knowledge which I will be happy to share with you. My motorcycles are maintained on schedule and are always in good condition.

My tours will run in English but I will also have tours in the following languages : German, Spanish, Russia, Japanese, French etc.

What to see in Israel?

They say that when God created the universe he created land with very tall mountains, others had mighty rivers and green valleys. Some had deserts and others had huge lakes. When God was about to create Israel he gave it a little bit of everything, there are some rivers but they are not so mighty, there are mountains but not that tall, some green areas and also a desert, a couple of lakes, one with fresh water and one with salty water. God packed it all in a very compact, small package and then he decided it is not enough and seasoned it with three religions and people from all over the world to make things more interesting.

three religions and people from all over the world to make things more interesting. I believe that whatever it is you are interested in, you can find it in Israel. Israel has something for every visitor, no matter how old he or she may be nor what religion he has. It is the cradle of the three monotheistic religions, history from biblical times till recently, archeology, world heritage sites, nature reserves and trekking, diving, interesting cuisine, wineries, hi-tech industry and a lot of other things. Since the country is relatively small, it is easy to travel from place to place and see a lot.

Why ride motorcycles in Israel?

As I wrote in the above section, there is no doubt that Israel has a lot to offer for any visitor. However in many ways is it even more special to a motorcycle enthusiastic. The weather in Israel is perfect for motorcycle riding. Relatively speaking there aren’t many rainy days and there are hardly times when it snows. The weather is geographically diversified and while it may rain in the north, it might be sunny enough to go bathing in the Dead Sea and Eilat. This, together with the fact that compared to Europe or the USA distances are short, give us the flexibility and ability to face the challenges of the weather.

The region has seen a lot of tectonic activities in the past, leaving the lowest place on earth in Israel, mountains and valleys which supply excellent riding possibilities. This is without mentioning all the other pearls Israel has to offer the visitors.

Another reason is the possibility to meet with Israelis one on one and not via the media. My hope is that Israeli motorcycle riders will also join the tours as part of the group, one specific days or in special meetings we will create.