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Where are we

Our motorcycles are located in the city of Netanya so pick up and return is in Netanya. The city is conveniently located in central Israel. It is a 30-40 minutes ride to Tel Aviv, an hour and 15 minutes to Jerusalem and about the same to the Sea of Galilee. 

Bikelife - Motorcycle Tours in Israel

9 Mendelson St. Netanya, Israel    42242

Tel : +972-50-8289545


Netanya is accessible from the airport by train, bus or taxi to Netanya and then a local bus or taxi to our address.

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A basic rental period is 24 hours

Rate per day €145

Rate per day over 7 days €135  

Rate per day over 10 days €120

Mileage limit 

250km per day. Additional km/€-0.5


The riders are insured for body damage and third party damage. 

Deductible damage

Up to €1,500  (damages to the motorcycle) paid but the renter.

You get a full tank so please return a full tank. If the tank is not full there will be a charge of €25 regardless of the missing amount.

Returning the motorcycle hours later than the agreed 24 hours will result in additional payment of half a day. A delay of over 3 hours will be considered as a full day rental and will be paid by the renter. Failing to return the motorcycle due to any reason will result in notifying the police that the motorcycle is stolen and daily rental charge+50% will apply to every 24 hours.

In order to secure having a motorcycle to ride when you arrive, please book in advance. 

Cancellation fee

More than 45 days - No cancellation fees

45-30 days - 10% of the tour price

30-14  days - 50% of tour price

Less than 14 days  - 100%

Riding gear

If you need riding gear, please talk to us. Some of the gear is free of charge but if you want to ensure you have it when you come, please reserve (extra cost involved).

All our motorcycles come with a top box, lock and chain at no additional co


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