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Israel Off the Beaten Track

Israel Off the Beaten Track

Small group -> 8 riders

Can accomodate up to 8 passengers and additional people in a car.



What is included in the tour :

A licensed tour guide on motorcycle

Usage of our Yamaha Tenere XT660Z Motorcycle

Protective jackets

Helmets and a Scala Rider Packtalk communication system

Wi-Fi in all the hotels

Comprehensive vehicle insurance for motorcycles

Third party liability insurance for motorcycles

Luggage transfers throughout the tour 

Maps, detailed itinerary

Hotel information

All accommodations include breakfast and dinner  (7 nights)

7 lunches

Entrance fees

Unlimited mileage

Two days of drone photography and editing of the video

What is not included :

Gasoline (estimated at €130-105)

Deductible damage up to 1,500

All services not mentioned as included like gasoline and all items of a personal nature such as presents, drinks etc.

Any fines for speeding etc.

All riders must have a valid motorcycle license (at least A1).

All riders must have experience of at least one year of riding motorcycles (not scooters)



Passenger  : €2,490

Single supplement : €490

Further inquiries :


For a group of a total of 20 and up, please contact me at

If you want to bring groups on a regular basis please contact me at

                             Israel Off the Beaten Track



About 1500 km

Daily distance 180-300 km a day

Riding time – about 5-7 hours a day

Most of the tour runs on asphalt and some of it on easy trails (depending on the group).

Daily overview

Day 1  Sunday

Pick up your bikes, have a short orientation, arrange your gear and off we go. Ride north along the coastal highway and an off-road trail to a view point on Mt. Carmel. From there continue north to the City of Akko, a world heritage site. From Akko we will go further north to get a glimpse of Rosh Hanikra, Israel’s north-western border point. Then we will cut east through the upper Galilee along the Lebanese border and descend all the way down towards the Kinneret-Sea of Galilee below sea level. This day We will stay Tiberias on the shore of the Sea of Galilee- Kinneret.

Day 2  Monday

Today we will ride north on the twisty roads of the Upper Galilee. We will descent from the mountains to the Hula valley and reach an off-road trail above the Jordan river. The trail will bring us to the northern side of the Kinneret and we will ride east and go up the Golan heights. Riding along the Syrian and the Jordanian borders we will go down towards Hamat Gader in a super twisty road. Even though this day was full of riding we still have a long ride to Netanya.

 Day 3  Tuesday

                In the morning we will head east into the Shomron, the land where Abraham Jacob and his sons walked, stand on Mt. Grizim overlooking Nablus the site of the ancient city of Sh’chem. From here we will ride between the hills and mountains, visit some farms and be able to see the bible comes alive. Stay in Netanya.

Day 4  Wednesday

This day will take us to the south west corner of Israel. We will visit Netiv Ha’asara, a settlement right on the Gaza border. From here we will continue to the Black Arrow viewpoint on Gaza. Riding on some trails we will go visit the Anzac monument and learn about the history of the area in the beginning of the 20th century, talk about Jewish settlement in the area and the War of Independence.  Our route will take us to ride on a trail along the Besor riverbed and then we will ride east till we reach the Dead Sea.

Day 5  Thursday

This day we will be riding in the desert roads. Most of it will be on roads but we will go through some unique phenomena as the Large Maktesh, a crater like structure, one of only 8 in the world. The we will go down the phenomenal hairpins of the Scorpions Pass. A road used by the Romans 2,000 years ago and later by Israelis at the beginning of the state of Israel. The road will lead us to the Arava and there we will go off-road a little and also see how the desert becomes an oasis. We will return to our hotel at the Dead Sea.

Day 6  Friday     

In the morning we will go for a swim in the sea and try to float. Following this special experience, we will go visit the fortress of Masada and listen to echoes almost 2,000 years old. From Masada, we will ride to Jerusalem along the Dead Sea, going from 430 meters below sea level to Jerusalem at 800 meters above sea level. We will stop for a viewpoint and then go see the hustle bustle in Machen Yehuda market. Before sundown, we will go to the old city and visit the Wall to see how Jews from all segments in society join in prayers to receive the Sabbath.

Day 7  Saturday

This day will be an easier day. The morning will be a walking tour in the old city, visiting all 4 quarters. The afternoon will be free time with an optional self-visit to the Israel museum or half day self-riding in the mountains around Jerusalem (separate charges apply). At night we can go back to the Machne Yehuda market and enjoy the nightlife there. Ride to Tel Aviv and stay there.

Day 8  Sunday

We will ride through Jaffa and Tel Aviv and make a few photo stops and a short tour then make our way to Netanya to return the bikes and get the ride to the airport.

Western Galilee, Akko, Tiberias, Sea of Galilee, Golan Heights, Tel Aviv, Jaffa, West Bank - Shomron, Gaza border, Dead Sea, Masada, Jerusalem 


  1. Netanya