Rental - Bikelife - Motorcycle Tours in Israel

We have 9 Yamaha Tenere XT600Z.

We rent the motorcycles for any period of time you need with a minimum of 1 day.

The price is $170 per day (24 hours). The mileage is limited to 250km per day. You can ride more than 250km a day in case you rent for more than one day and the total is the number of days X 250 km. Any additional km will be charged at $0.5 per km.

We supply basic insurance for the motorcycles. It covers body damage to the rider and pillion in case of an accident. It also covers a third party which means in case the rider hits another car, rider or anything else.

Motorcycle damage up to 1,500 Euro is covered by the rider. If it is above it, we are responsible for the additional damage.

We have equipment like helmets, jackets, gloves and communication equipment which are available free of charge at this moment. Using the accessories is based on availability. If you want to ensure you will have equipment there is an additional pay for that. Please inquire here